Permavent METAL

Permavent METAL

Condensation control for metal roofing


Permavent METAL is a vapour permeable drainage membrane for all types of standing seam and metal roofs.

It acts as condensation control for metal roofing, allowing water to drain away.

It is ideal for roof pitches over 30° and will mask irregularities such as board joins that could deform the metal roof covering.


  • Condensation control for metal roofing
  • For standing seam and fully supported metal roofing
  • 440 g/m2
  • Value membrane
  • Versatile
  • Conforms to BS5534
  • 3 layers membrane + mesh layer
  • UV stable for 3 months
  • For use on any types of roofing/walling applications
  • Available in 1.5m x 25m rolls


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Weight, g/m2440
Water tightness, classW1
Water vapour transmission (sd),m0.02
Maximum tensile force (MD), N/50mm320
Maximum tensile force (CD), N/50mm200
Elongation at max. tensile force (MD), %75
Elongation at max. tensile force (CD), %100
Resistance to tearing MD (nail shank), N150
Resistance to tearing CD (nail shank), N200
Acoustic damping value, db8