Envirotect XT 150 Reflect

Envirotect XT 150 Reflect

Envirotect XT 150 Reflect is a vapour permeable membrane with a high purity aluminium surface that reduces emissivity.


Envirotect XT 150 Reflect is a spunbond non-woven polypropylene construction membrane with a high purity aluminium surface (0.79 R Value) designed and developed for use in timberframe, light steel gauge, modular building and leisure building applications.

Envirotect XT 150 Reflect delivers first line protection to the external of the building during construction against driving rain, and wind-blown snow providing ultimate protection to the exterior of the building.

The high water-vapour permeability provided from Envirotect XT 150 Reflect ensures water vapour can pass through the structure safely into a vented cavity. The ultra-low emissivity surface enhances the thermal performance of the airspace, significantly improving the overall thermal performance of the wall construction when facing a still air cavity.


Suitable Envirotect XT 150 Reflect Applications:

  • Cladding
  • Timberframe


  • Effective condensation control and airtightness within walling construction.
  • Flexible and easy to install.
  • High-purity aluminium surface – enhanced thermal performance.
  • Envirotect greatly exceeds the requirements of the updated guidance in building regulations Approved Document Part L.
  • Meet and exceeds waterproofing requirements in BS EN13589 – 2:2014 (W2).
  • Prevents water ingress to the structure.
  • Provides comprehensive waterproofing barrier to the sheathing during construction phase.
  • Available in 2.7m x 100m, 1.5m x 50m and 0.5m x 50m roll sizes



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Thermal resistance R, m2K/W0.79
Resistance to water penetration, classW2
Water vapour transmission (sd), m0.09
Nail tear resistance to EN12310-1 (MD), N/50mm220
Nail tear resistance to EN12310-1 (CD), N/50mm230
Tensile strength to EN12311-1 (MD), N/50mm240
Tensile strength to EN12311-1 (CD), N/50mm190
Flexibility at low temperature-40°C
Weight, g/m2150
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