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Breather Membrane

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NamePermavent APEXPermavent BLACKPermavent DRYPermavent ECOPermavent GRAPHITEPermavent MAX ALL ZONESPermavent METALPermavent PRO VCLPermavent RED
DescriptionAir Permeable ExtraHigh Performance Breather MembraneIndestructible Breather MembraneLightweight Breather MembraneHigh Performance Breather MembraneHigh Performance Breather MembraneCondensation Control for Metal RoofingVapour Control LayerUltra Strong Breather Membrane
  • Air and Vapour permeable membrane
  • Integrated Tape (untaped option available)
  • No need for ventilation
  • Highly Breathable
  • Black on both sides
  • Value membrane
  • Condensation control system
  • Ultra Strong
  • Low cost membrane
  • Versatile
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Suitable for all wind zones regardless of fitting method
  • Universal
  • For standing seam and fully supported metal roofing
  • High Moisture Resistance
  • Minimises interstitial condensation
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Superior tear resistance
  • For use on any types of roofing/walling applications
Weight, g/m21801202309013015044082160
Maximum tensile force (MD), N/50mm358240670200310350320140360
Maximum tensile force (CD), N/50mm304160520110220240200110250
Elongation at max. tensile force (MD), %70100608060707510090
Elongation at max. tensile force (CD), %7210080606070100120110
Resistance to tearing MD (nail shank), N21413030090170140210100250
Resistance to tearing CD (nail shank), N2181703601252402302705340
Water tightness, classW1W1W1W1W1W1W1W1
Taped Lap1-51-51-51-41-51-51-5
Water vapour transmission (sd),m0.
Batten Lap1-311-31 -4 (250mm batten gauge)1-31-5
Water vapour transmission (sd), m0.010.02
Acoustic damping value, db8
Reaction to fire, classE
Reflectivity, %95