Safeshield XT Reflect

Safeshield XT Reflect


Safeshield XT Reflect is an A2-s1, d0 fire rated construction membrane for the use in high risk, high risk, offsite and modular construction projects. It is the UK’s most competitive walling membrane and alongside its A2 fire classification, Safeshield boasts an impressive W1 head of water resistance, has enhanced UV performance and superior thermal benefits with its reflective material.


Alongside it’s high performing properties, Safeshield affords contractors significant ease of application across a number of building types at a highly competitive price point. Safeshield XT Reflect is a part of of The Safeshield wall and roofing membrane system which is launching in 2021. The system includes breather membranes, air & vapour control layers and sealing tapes.


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  • Class A Fire rated product, class 1 surface spread of flame. No reliance on substrate to achieve class A fire rating.
  • Meeting building regulations approved document B for fire classification.
  • Future proofed for any potential changes to approved document B.
  • Achieves the primary requirements for both ACVL and Breathable membrane prior to fire classification.
  • W1 water (external) water resistance to BS EN1928 to suit installation in high rise and extreme locations.
  • UV stability – UV exposure > 6 months in all products.
  • Superior nail tear tensile strength.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001; 2008 and ISO14001 standards.
  • Suitable for high rise construction > 6 storey linked to approved document B.
  • Independently certified and fire tested for all applications.
  • The only reflective Class A2 fire rated product available currently in UK construction.


Thermal resistance R, m2K/W0.67*
Reaction to fire to EN 13501-1A2-s1, d0
Resistance to water penetration, ClassW1
Water vapour transmission properties (sd), m0.08
Nail tear resistance to EN12310-1 (MD), N/50mm580
Nail tear resistance to EN12310-1 (CD), N/50mm450
Tensile strength to EN12311-1 (MD), N/50mm3000
Tensile strength to EN12311-1 (CD), N/50mm3200
Flexibility at low temperature to EN1109:2013-40°C
Weight, gsm430
Thickness, mm0.43
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