Universal Ridge Kit

Universal Ridge Kit

The Universal Ridge Kit provides weatherproof sealing and the recommended 5mm of continuous ventilation at the ridge.


Permavent 6m Universal Ventilated Dry Ridge System creates a weatherproof seal at the ridge and is compatible with most types of ridge tile.

The Universal Ridge Kit also provides the recommended 5mm of high-level continuous ventilation at the ridge, as stated in BS 5250:2021. It is quick and easy to install, without requiring mortar.

The Universal Ridge Kit provides durable, long lasting protection.

The Universal Ridge Kit contains:

  • 310mm x 6m ridge roll.
  • 10 x ridge batten straps.
  • 13 x Screws & washer seals.
  • Ridge union, including: 13 x Metal clamping plates, 26 x Outer clips.
  • Fitting guide.


  • Sealing and ventilation of the roof ridge space
  • Protects against wind uplift, water ingress and general deterioration
  • Provides the recommended 5mm continuous ventilation at the ridge
  • Compatible with most types of ridge tiles including concrete, clay, half round and angled
  • Easy, quick mortar free installation
  • High quality stainless steel fixings for durability and long lasting protection
  • Suitable for ridge and hip tile applications
  • Complies with BS 8612, BS 5534:2018 and BS 5250:2021


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