Case Study

700m2 roof: part refurbishment and part new build for an apartment block

Lisvane – Apartment Block

Dry fix solution for refurbishment and new build apartment block

Easy Valley provides a weatherproof and elegant solution to an extensive number of roof valleys.

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Church Road, Lisvane, Cardiff

March 2019


The roof combines part refurbishment of an existing property, as well as an additional new development:

  • Suitable protection for the high number of roof verge and valleys details.
  • Fibre cement slates specified to be in-keeping with the local area.


This refurbishment/new roof development used the following Permavent products: Easy Valley, Easy Verge and Permavent Black.

As a solution to the number of roof valleys on this property, Easy Valley was installed to provide optimum weather protection to the long length valleys. In addition to this, it provided clean finish to the aesthetics of the roof valley.

Permavent Black was installed as a robust and reliable breathable roof underlay.

Easy Verge further enhanced the weather protection to the roof, as well as the overall finished appearance.

All Permavent products were installed as per our fitting guidelines and was installed alongside a dry ridge/hip system, clay and concrete ridges and fibre cement slates.


Developer: Intelle

Installer: Precision Roofing South Wales Ltd.


Roof Hub Treforest, Pontypridd

Products used

Easy Verge

Waterproof dry verge for slates

  • Extends the life of the roof by keeping battens dry
  • Designed to look like a traditional verge
  • Maintenance free

Easy Valley

Unique dry valley system for slates

  • Extends the life of the roof by keeping battens dry
  • Anti-theft design with no scrap value

Permavent BLACK

High Performance Breather Membrane

  • Highly Breathable
  • Black on both sides
  • Value membrane