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Safeshield XT Reflect A2-s1, d0 fire rated wall membrane was used in the recladding of the Genting Casino, Premier and Holiday Inns.


A complete re-cladding on the exterior of the Genting Casino, Premier Inn, Holiday Inn, part of the Riverlights location in Derby city centre, including Safeshield XT Reflect A2-s1, d0 fire rated construction membrane.

Oakleigh Contracts were chosen to undertake this large-scale project, their first re-cladding project of this size, with technical input from Permavent to ensure the correct technical specifications were achieved. Genting Casinos are a large chain of popular gaming destinations with locations across the UK and America. The property owner of the Riverlights location decided to take no risks with their new cladding, in an effort to protect people and the building in the face of the recent issues with fire spreading through and behind exterior cladding. They chose to change the existing boards to non-combustible alternatives and added Safeshield XT Reflect A2-s1, d0 fire rated construction membrane to the walls under the new boards. Safeshield was chosen for it’s high fire rating, adding another layer of protection against fire behind the cladding and inside the cavity, but also for its superior thermal properties. Safeshield XT Reflect’s reflective technology allows for greater energy efficiency in the building as it reflects heat, decreasing the emissivity of the wall cavity and reducing energy loss. Oakleigh Contracts also praised Safeshield for it’s easy and intuitive installation, as well as being extremely robust both during and after installation.

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Genting Casino, Riverlights – Derby


Overcome the combustible challenges of a full cladding replacement, utilising new non-combustible cladding boards alongside Safeshield XT Reflect for it’s A2-s1, d0 fire rating and energy efficient thermal properties.

Why Permavent Was Chosen:

Permavent Safeshield was chosen to provide protection to the building with its A2-s1, d0 fire rating as well as it’s thermal properties that allow for increased energy efficiency of the building as a whole. It’s ease of installation and robustness also made it the perfect choice for this large project.

Oakleigh Contracts who specialise in re- cladding refurbishment, Director Simon Levett-Dunn comments “We worked closely with Permavent during the early stages of design and their technical input was invaluable, ensuring that the correct technical specifications were achieved. Safeshield XT Reflect is an extremely robust product which is simple to install providing a superior waterproofing and fire performance to the building cavity. “


How Permavent Products Were Installed:

Permavent Safeshield XT Reflect was installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and building standards regulations, in compliance with BS5534 & BS5250.


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Products Used

Safeshield XT Reflect

Fire Safe A Rated Membrane

  • Class A2-s1, d0 fire rated
  • Superior W1 head of water resistance
  • High UV resistance
  • Enhanced thermal performance