Permavent PRO VCL

Permavent PRO VCL

Vapour Control Layer


Permavent Pro VCL has been specially designed as a vapour control layer with the exact amount of breathability required to allow the building to breath, in conjunction with systems such as breather membranes, whilst still protecting the structure from interstitial condensation.

The highly technological design of Pro VCL has been specifically developed to remain airtight and form an air leakage barrier in conjunction with the super reflective coating. Pro VCL reduces heat loss and also saves energy.


  • Protection from interstitial condensation
  • Air leakage barrier
  • Vapour Control Layer
  • High reflectivity and low emissivity



Weight, g/m282
Water vapour transmission (sd),m200
Maximum tensile force (MD), N/50mm140
Maximum tensile force (CD), N/50mm110
Elongation at max. tensile force (MD), %100
Elongation at max. tensile force (CD), %120
Resistance to tearing MD (nail shank), N100
Resistance to tearing CD (nail shank), N5
Reaction to fire, classE
Reflectivity, %95
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