Introducing Safeshield: The UK’s Most Competitive Class A Fire Rated Membrane

Safeshield: The UK’s Most Competitive range of Class A Fire Rated Membranes, with additional Air, Vapour and Thermal Benefits.

As modern methods of construction and offsite construction techniques continue to evolve and improve, so do the expectations of clients; be it homeowners, tenants, or landlords. People expect to feel safe at home or at work, in a supermarket or at school. The dangers of fire within buildings are well documented, and the rate at which a fire can spread is at times frightening. Safeshield is a Class A Fire Rated Membrane; the first of its type for wall membranes in the UK.

Safeshield launched with our flagship XT Reflect membrane. Safeshield will provide a range of non-combustible products to sell into the timber frame, modular, offsite construction, cladding installers / system providers and main contractors.

Additional membranes and supporting products from Permavent will be launching in the coming months.

Features and Benefits

  • Class A Fire rated product, class 1 surface spread of flame. No reliance on substrate to achieve class A fire rating.
  • Meeting building regulations approved document B for fire classification.
  • Future proofed for any potential changes to approved document B.
  • Achieves the primary requirements for both AVCL and Breathable membrane prior to fire classification.
  • W1 water (external) water resistance to BS EN1928 to suit installation in high rise and extreme locations.
  • UV stability – UV exposure > 6 months in all products.
  • Superior nail tear tensile strength.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001; 2008 and ISO14001 standards.
  • Suitable for high rise construction > 6 storey linked to approved document B.
  • Independently certified and fire tested for all applications.
  • The only reflective Class A2 fire rated product available currently in UK construction.



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Breather Membranes

Safeshield XT Reflect

W1, UV resistant, Class A2-s1, d0. Reflective. 1.2m x 50m.

Safeshield XT

W1, UV resistant, Class A2-s1, d0. 1.5m x 50m.

Air & Vapour Control Layer

Safeshield INT Reflect

Class A2-s1, d0. Reflective. 1.2m x 50m.

Safeshield INT

Class A2-s1, d0. 1.5m x 50m.

Sealing Tapes

Safeshield A1 Reflect

High tack adhesive reflective sealing tape.100mm x 50m.

Safeshield A1

High tack adhesive sealing tape. 100mm x 50m.

Why Safeshield?

Aside from being a superior fire performance membrane, Safeshield offers additional air and vapour permeability properties. It provides a W1 head of water resistance, which protects the timber structure of a building from the elements during construction. Its high UV resistance gives any construction added protection, and enhanced thermal performance offers value to clients by improving the thermal efficiency of the building; minimising the carbon footprint of a building in a day and age where our environmental impact is more important than ever before.

Is Safeshield Safe?

Safeshield has been vigorously tested and has been independently certified and fire tested for all applications. It is suitable for use in all types of construction where a fire rated product is required including high rise construction.

Safeshield has been manufactured to ISO 9001; 2008 and ISO 14001 standards.




Safeshielf XT Reflect Fire Safe A Rated Membrane

Permavent Safeshield XT Reflect is an extremely vapour permeable wall membrane with a low emissivity reflective surface and class A2-s1,d0 fire classification.

Safeshield XT Reflect is suitable for all walling applications and can be used safely in high rise and high risk buildings (e.g. schools, hospitals, care homes) to prevent the risk of fire spread.

Safeshield XT Reflect is also suitable for timberframe / modular off-site construction.

The unique composition of Safeshield XT Reflect resists the spread of fire across the cavity of the building.

Safeshield XT Reflect can be installed onto any substrate.

Technical Specification

Please note, the below specification relates to Safeshield XT Reflect only.

Safeshield XT Reflect
Thermal resistance R, m2K/W0.67*
Reaction to fire to EN 13501-1A2-s1, d0
Resistance to water penetration, ClassW1
Water vapour transmission properties (sd), m0.08
Nail tear resistance to EN12310-1 (MD), N/50mm580
Nail tear resistance to EN12310-1 (CD), N/50mm450
Tensile strength to EN12311-1 (MD), N/50mm3000
Tensile strength to EN12311-1 (CD), N/50mm3200
Flexibility at low temperature to EN1109:2013-40°C
Weight, gsm430
Thickness, mm0.43



Safeshield XT Reflect Applications





Specification Clause

Safeshield XT Reflect fire safe class A2-s1,d0 membrane supplied by Permavent Ltd, 11 Cumberland Drive, Granby Industrial Estate, Weymouth, Dorset. DT4 9TB.

Telephone: 01305 766703.


Fire membrane to be class A2-s1,d0. Membrane with high purity aluminum foil surface with a thermal resistance of 0.67 m2K/W and a vapour resistance of 0.08sd.

Breather membrane to be fitted on the cold side of the building insulation in accordance with NHBC and BM TRADA recommendations and the manufacturer’s instructions.

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