Case Study

A reroofing project for Scarborough Borough Council using Permavent APEX.

Westpier, Scarborough

A tiled roof with Permavent APEX underlay

A building owned by Scarborough Borough Council required a new tiled roof, including a new underlay membrane. To preserve the aesthetic of the original roof and provide excellent condensation control without having to add ventilation at low or high elevations Permavent APEX was chosen for its air and vapour permeability. The roof was stripped and a new one installed by Waring Building & Roofing Ltd, who chose APEX to complete the project.

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Westpier, Scarborough


To re-tile the roof of a council owned building, including a new membrane that provides condensation control so extra ventilation isn’t required.

Westpier Scarborough angle

Westpier Scarborough Top Down

Why Permavent was chosen

Permavent APEX was chosen for its air and vapour permeability which allows for condensation control and removes the need to add ventilation to the roof in either low or high areas. After inspecting samples and deliberating Ashley Waring of Waring Building & Roofing Ltd chose Permavent APEX and Permavent RED to be the business’ go-to membranes, saying “[Permavent APEX is] possibly the best membrane we have used”.

How Permavent Products were installed:

Permavent APEX was installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and building standards regulations, in compliance with BS5534 & BS5250.

Accompanying Materials

  • Permavent APEX
  • Redland Rosemary Tiles


Installer: Waring Building & Roofing Ltd

Merchants: MKM Whitby

Products Used

Permavent APEX

Air Permeable Extra

  • Air and vapour permeable membrane
  • Integrated tape (untaped option available)
  • BBA Certified
  • No need for ventilation