Case Study

A large barn conversion in Suffolk including a re-roof and installation of solar panels as the client is invested in sustainable living.

Suffolk Barn Conversion

A full re-roofing project with solar panel installation

A large horsehoe-shaped barn conversion in Suffolk for a client that values sustainable living. The inclusion of solar panels in the roofing necessitated the use of an air and vapour permeable underlay with superlative breathability.

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Provide an air and vapour permeable underlay with exceptional breathability for a roof with solar panels installed. Vapour and air permeable Permavent APEX is the perfect underlay for use around solar arrays.

Suffolk Barn Conversion Tiles Over APEX

Suffolk Barn Conversion Solar Panel Installation

Why Permavent was chosen

Permavent APEX was chosen thanks to it’s high vapour-and-air permeability, reducing condensation and allowing for excellent heat transfer without the need for additional ventilation at low or high levels of the roof. This is especially important around solar installations, that by design trap and hold heat.

This allowed for the installation of number of photovoltaic panels in an array across the roof that will use sunlight to generate free, clean electricity thereby powering the home in a sustainable and less environmentally impacting way.

Sandtoft Neo clay pan tiles were used to set off the contrasting flat roofs finished in a GRP coating with a dark Anthracite colour.

Branch Manager at SIG Roofing, Adrian Dann, believes in the quality and value for money of Permavent underlays, along with the technical support provided by Permavent.

How Permavent Products were installed:

Permavent APEX was installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and building standards regulations, in compliance with BS5534 & BS5250.

Accompanying Materials

  • Sandtoft Neo Clay Pan Tiles


Installer: District Roofing

Merchants: SIG Roofing, Gt Yarmouth

Thank you to Dale Gowing for helping to put this case study together.

Products Used

Permavent APEX

Air Permeable Extra

  • Air and vapour permeable membrane
  • Integrated tape (untaped option available)
  • BBA Certified
  • No need for ventilation