Case Study

An ambitious multi-phase refurbishment of a Grade 2 listed theatre

St George's Hall, Bradford

A low pitched Grade 2 listed re-roofing project

Permavent Easy Slate provided a solution for a low-pitched roof which needed to maintain its original aesthetics.

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Providing a tested and proven solution to allow the safe and effective installation of a low-pitched roof whilst maintaining the original look and feel of the building.

Why Permavent was chosen

Permavent Ltd are the sole manufacturers of the Easy Roof system; a unique and patented solution for pitching a roof as low as 12 degrees. On the £9.8 million refurbishment of St George’s Hall, it was stipulated that the developers and installers had to comply with Historic England and the conservation teams requirements of maintaining the original aesthetics of the building.

This is why the Permavent Easy Slate system was used for this project; because unlike other systems currently available, Permavent’s Easy Roof system can utilise the original materials used on a project providing they still preform and function as intended. Permavent Easy Slate provided a solution that otherwise would not have been available without compromising on the look, pitch or functional performance of the roof.

How Permavent Products were installed:

Prior to installing the Permavent Easy Slate system, the painstaking task of checking the condition of each individual tile was undertaken. Acceptable tiles were recycled for reuse on the project. 25% of the original slate was recycled in this way, with the remaining slate coming from the same quarry the original slates were acquired from.

Permavent Vapour Permeable Membrane was first installed onto the roof to offer  protection and breathability to the building. Permavent Easy Slate was then installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and building standards regulations.

Accompanying Materials

  • Permavent Easy Slate System
  • Permavent Vapour Permeable Membrane
  • New and recycled slate


Installer: Stone Edge Ltd

Contractor: Henry Boot Construction Ltd.

Products Used

Easy Slate

Low pitch system for slates

  • Unique breathability and condensation control
  • Extends the life of the roof by keeping battens dry
  • Creates new areas for slate application
  • Pitch as low as 12°