Case Study

A complex, multi-faceted restoration of the former crown court building in Wakefield

Old Courthouse, Wakefield

A listed building re-roofing project

Permavent Easy Slate provided a low-pitched solution whilst using as much of the original roof materials as possible.

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WF1, Wakefield


To deliver a proven and cost sensitive low pitched roofing solution and to provide a 40 year manufacturers warranty on the completed roof works.

Why Permavent was chosen

The Wakefield Old Courthouse reroofing works were part of a major restoration program to redevelop the Wood Street area of the city. The redevelopment of the old courthouse which officially stopped running as a crown court in 1992 was part of a near £2m investment into the building which was acquired by Wakefield council in 2014. At this point, Heritage England had regarded the grade 2 listed building as being “at risk”. This was further uncovered when substantial levels of rot and material degradation was uncovered beneath the building surface.

Where it was important to retain as much of the original roof materials as possible, Permavent’s Easy Slate system solved the problem of allowing these original materials to be re-installed onto the low-pitched roof safely and securely as per BS 5534. The different elevations were not a problem from Easy Slate, where it can be installed to a pitch as low as 12 degrees.

How Permavent Products were installed:

The client was particularly keen to use the Permavent Easy Roof system because of the 40 year manufacturer warranty offered an all certified installations. In order to qualify for the warranty, the installers used the specified Permavent Vapour Permeable membrane. The construction was then registered with Permavent, and a warranty certificate was issued.

Permavent Easy Slate was installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and building standards regulations.

Accompanying Materials

  • Permavent Easy Slate System
  • Permavent Vapour Permeable Membrane
  • New and recycled slate (Welsh Tonne Slate & New Welsh Slate)


Developer: Wakefield MBC
Installer: Aura Conservation
Merchant: Burton Roofing

Products used

Easy Slate

Low pitch system for slates

  • Unique breathability and condensation control
  • Extends the life of the roof by keeping battens dry
  • Creates new areas for slate application
  • Pitch as low as 12°